Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An incident--- a while ago now

Fun story:

ON the freeway
Behind a truckload of store goods
A strap is lose
And a large package
Falls and tumbles along the road
I swerve a little to miss it
As it settles between two lanes.

I speed up a bit and wave
The driver that he lost something.
He starts to pull over.

I think---
Maybe tha package back there is still good
It had toilet paper in it.
IfI don't succeed to return it,
We could all use a little more.

So I turn out at the next exit.
And go up, off, around, and down again to find
Where it went.

It was all over the freeway for a hundred yards.
What a sight.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So I wait, and wait,and then

I have to wait some more

It all aby my silly NEW used car.

$1200.00 for a nice used green Dodge plymouth neon '96. All too similar from my former desolated car except that this has an auto transmission.

$1,400.00 in car repairs for silly stuff. It's what you could expect....

It will take $300 more to get it legal to drive again. I took my chances and made it a few days.

$130 towing ticket. (I was going to get it a licence plate!!)

Now I am waiting to get money so I can drive it again. Till then- it stay's home and I go to school with bright-minded Brooks Lee and his ancient (still working) nissan sentra.

A learning experience.