Saturday, January 9, 2010

World Wide Landmark, Cont. 2

I have graduated from UVU! I have yet to walk the ceremonial line in the Spring to get my official diploma, but I am finished with my classes and my grades are all solid. (GPA 3.2 all said and done)

I am hoping to get an internship in Salt Lake City for the cities Department of Sustainability. It is a non-paid internship and they want a 6 month commitment. I think they are mostly trying to justify a way to get free labor because they are low in funds for that area of the city budget.

I have only a few weeks to see if I can get it, but it all depends on if I can get a car... Buses simply will not take me there by 5 am in the morning- especially when i live in southern Utah Valley. We shall see where this goes. God guide me!

I am making steady work in other facets of my career in Environmental Management and resource conservation.

I feel my efforts can be a tremendous help to the world if all the principles mentioned in my project and non-profit organization are implemented into a city Municipal Solid Waste management program.

my efforts are far from refined, but you can see what is currently cooking by visiting my website at

please see a comment on any idea of your own you may have. I take the positive as well as the constructive criticism.