Sunday, December 28, 2008

California and the early years

I have visted about every last part of California as I lived 8 years of my childhood there with my beginning family. We accompanied my father Brooks there as he served the Marines as a Lieutenant and to become a Doctor.

Here is where I have been in California:

Mexico boarder, Joshua trees park, San Diego, Camp Pendleton, Death Valley, San Juan Valley, Los Angeles (only passing through), Yosemetie, Bridgeport, Lone pine, Mono Lake, Bodie town, Coalville, Saunder's mill, Antelope Valley, Sierra mountains, Mount. Shasta, Sacremento, Sanfrancisco, Klamath River, Susanville, Forks of Salmon, and a few other places too.

We lived and visited many places along the Nevada areas of Reno, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe areas too.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Our parents are Brooks and Bonnie Thompson. We all all VERY blond and blue eyed. I am 24 (25 in February), single, and am second eldest after my sister Katherine.

Here is the rest of us:
Sister Katherine 26, married to Keith Jessop, mother or two, and a Medical Doctor in anesthesiology; she loves to blog, watch foot ball, and do things with family. Extremely outgoing, accomplished, and opinionated with good reasoning.

Sister Auralee 21 married married to Drew Briney, mother of one and due for another in the next month. She is half way through college in auto mechanics but doesn't think she may use it much. She does house cleaning mostly right now. Very timid, gentle, kind and considerate.

Brother Brooks 19 , single and is also at UVU to be a commercial/private airplane pilot; and is an amazing dancer of all types. He like air-soft, robotic engineering interests, and razer-boarding. Patient, seldom argues, cheerful and helps out a lot.

Sister Mercy 17 - very beautiful- she is a regional gold medal winner of theatrics, excellent dancer, and she plays the piano. She's a friend magnet too, but we later found out about half of them only liked her as a step to get to attractive Brooks Lee. Mercy is expressive and full of spirit and hungers for attention.

Brother Christian 15 an amazing gentleman and is an interstate regional gold medal winner of theatrics, dancer, and plays the trumpet and does amazing pencil art work. He is strong, gentleman-like, and compassionate.

Brother David, 13 does piano and straight A student at school. he is a fabulous cook and know how to fish well. David is patient, contemplative, and quiet, but loves things of raw humor.

Sisters Galilee 7, Grace 5, and Spring 2- kind, gentle and cute 24-7. These girls our our trio of blonds and love to tea party a lot, play dress-up, and read books.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Belief in ones self can only be true if one can hold to the core that we are the Children of God. If greater aspiration and greater love for self and eachother can be given, then still revere I it to God; to deem all souls and life concieved by it and every purpose-driven conscience a follower thereof.

We Sing

Our Family does a spectacular show of Choir. We sing many hymns, but for the season we are swinging up for Carol of the Bells, Angels We have Heard on High, Ring our Wild Bells, and Away in a Manger. We think we should get a recording because it just sounds so good, but the real fun and joy is just being able to know the song and sing it together beautifully.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby baby!- and Christmas shopping

My brother Brooks Lee and I visited my sister Auralee and her new little baby today. he is amazingly strong and healthy looking. So Glad! Auralee was thinking to name him Josiah Sage Briney. She liked the naem Josiah because it was the name of the 8 year old King from tyrannical parents before him, who then came to search for goodness and wisdom and came to find about God. The young King repented and later reformed all of Israel by his wisdom. Sage was meant to refer to"Wise man" and was considered because Auralee felt impressed by an already pre-existing wisdom of inteligence given to this new one.

I then visited Claus jonsson for a while who lives near by Auralee's new place and then Brooks Lee and I later ate a pizza together and finished our Christmas shopping for the while... We might not be done with it all though. WE really buy ourselves half of what WE want for Christmas- and get it indirectly back later because we know it will be shared.

Friday, December 19, 2008


To teach is the fulfilment of your understanding.
Prove me wrong, and I shall be here to learn.

-Salem Thompson

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blogger to Facebook

OK. Today I am trying to learn how to integrate FaceBook and Blogger together.... But I haven't had a lot of success making links. I think it will take a lot longer than a day to figure it all out.

Suggestions welcome anytime!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Because IT'S SNOWING! First Big snow of the season.

I have done it for spring semester.... If I want to gradute this coming fall, and given my class options, I have to pack for a lot more class time. I will be taking 14 credit hours. I was going to take 18 but I had to make a reality check againts so many other things in like so I cut out a class.

My classes for spring semester at UVU
  • Environmental Hydrogeology (4)
  • Petrology (4)
  • Land Use Planning (3)
  • Environmental Health (3)

Monday, December 15, 2008

FINISH LINE for the semester

I made it! I have finished yet another semester of school at UVU! 15 credit hours down... It wasn't so bad except that my Hydrogeology class took up 80% of my time to all the rest. It was full of applied calculus and equations with foreign variables of sorts- and a large field project to do ontop of it all. My field presentation will be presented at Westminister College in February for Undergraduate Research coluqium of applid hydrogeology. I will also be taking the next continued course for it the upcoming semester.

my other classes were:

Worker Safety and first aid
Energy Use on Earth
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Politics

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day One

Katherine pestered me into creating a blog. She is hoping that this will help us keep in touch more than the Yahoo Groups is currently doing. Now that I have set up my blog account, I will be able to show ya'll how to do it.