Monday, March 30, 2009

A Worldwide Landmark

Some times it may be hard to believe you have found something that really could help change the world- for the better. But God provides things to those that seek for the answers.

I have received an idea that has taken time to evolve into something that makes even remote sense, but it has at last become clear to my mind. I have sent the past six month obsessing over an idea that can help the world as far as maertial exploitation, consumerism, ans waste has its hackle with recycling obstacles.

A new program has been set up on Microsoft PowerPoint tha will soon be made into a film production. I go into depth touching upon flaws in the recycling industry and how it can be made into a real-to-life fully functioning industry that promotes all recycling and reuse in every field of material products. If this can get off the ground I would consider it the greatest world acheivement in economics, resource management, sustainable development, and care for our earth in accepting our human presence upon it.

Today is the day I show my first small appearance to a small audience who are of interest to get a grant to make the film production for this program.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mom Enters the Ring

So when the rest of you bloggers wake up (we finished 3:30 am) you can know that we have been diligently making an effort to stay in touch with you all.

I had the most fun trying to get a picture for mom posted up.  I still have yet to see if it sticks.