Saturday, January 9, 2010

World Wide Landmark, Cont. 2

I have graduated from UVU! I have yet to walk the ceremonial line in the Spring to get my official diploma, but I am finished with my classes and my grades are all solid. (GPA 3.2 all said and done)

I am hoping to get an internship in Salt Lake City for the cities Department of Sustainability. It is a non-paid internship and they want a 6 month commitment. I think they are mostly trying to justify a way to get free labor because they are low in funds for that area of the city budget.

I have only a few weeks to see if I can get it, but it all depends on if I can get a car... Buses simply will not take me there by 5 am in the morning- especially when i live in southern Utah Valley. We shall see where this goes. God guide me!

I am making steady work in other facets of my career in Environmental Management and resource conservation.

I feel my efforts can be a tremendous help to the world if all the principles mentioned in my project and non-profit organization are implemented into a city Municipal Solid Waste management program.

my efforts are far from refined, but you can see what is currently cooking by visiting my website at

please see a comment on any idea of your own you may have. I take the positive as well as the constructive criticism.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Working on the Navajo Reservation

Yes, it looks like all our family has been there now, and its my turn to call the desolate place "home" for a while.

I will be working there for the summer and in between I will be able to see my brother James who will also be working down there as an EMT. Hoping this is a time for us to be able to connect and understand each other where so much has been left off and unsaid.

Down there- near the 4- corners Area to the west of it for about 100 miles, I will be there to make green things show up and wet down the place for all those thirsty people, animals, and plants.

The water down there is very alkaline and the San Juan river is about as gross as rivers can get. 40% of the Navajo down there have no water what so ever for their once main-stay trade of sheparding. Nearly all of them have entirely abandoned the practice of agriculture, but some how they need to be converted to the idea of some self sufficiency which the governments constant dumping of money, along with beer and sodas has led to a huge deterioration of those critical essentials. They have houses spread all through out the land in the most desolate and barren of places, and some how, they all need water. That is my job--- oh yeah.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Up-date on the American Alchemy Project

Something better than a grant? how about someone who will help you do it for free and do a real professional job?

I have found some one now with about 12 years of video editing experience!

He wants to do this pretty much for free as we have like minds on accomplishing something. He is a very honorable and trustworthy person and we have spent a few previous classes together, so much of this upcoming summer will be spent together making this come about.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Worldwide Landmark

Some times it may be hard to believe you have found something that really could help change the world- for the better. But God provides things to those that seek for the answers.

I have received an idea that has taken time to evolve into something that makes even remote sense, but it has at last become clear to my mind. I have sent the past six month obsessing over an idea that can help the world as far as maertial exploitation, consumerism, ans waste has its hackle with recycling obstacles.

A new program has been set up on Microsoft PowerPoint tha will soon be made into a film production. I go into depth touching upon flaws in the recycling industry and how it can be made into a real-to-life fully functioning industry that promotes all recycling and reuse in every field of material products. If this can get off the ground I would consider it the greatest world acheivement in economics, resource management, sustainable development, and care for our earth in accepting our human presence upon it.

Today is the day I show my first small appearance to a small audience who are of interest to get a grant to make the film production for this program.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mom Enters the Ring

So when the rest of you bloggers wake up (we finished 3:30 am) you can know that we have been diligently making an effort to stay in touch with you all.

I had the most fun trying to get a picture for mom posted up.  I still have yet to see if it sticks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An incident--- a while ago now

Fun story:

ON the freeway
Behind a truckload of store goods
A strap is lose
And a large package
Falls and tumbles along the road
I swerve a little to miss it
As it settles between two lanes.

I speed up a bit and wave
The driver that he lost something.
He starts to pull over.

I think---
Maybe tha package back there is still good
It had toilet paper in it.
IfI don't succeed to return it,
We could all use a little more.

So I turn out at the next exit.
And go up, off, around, and down again to find
Where it went.

It was all over the freeway for a hundred yards.
What a sight.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So I wait, and wait,and then

I have to wait some more

It all aby my silly NEW used car.

$1200.00 for a nice used green Dodge plymouth neon '96. All too similar from my former desolated car except that this has an auto transmission.

$1,400.00 in car repairs for silly stuff. It's what you could expect....

It will take $300 more to get it legal to drive again. I took my chances and made it a few days.

$130 towing ticket. (I was going to get it a licence plate!!)

Now I am waiting to get money so I can drive it again. Till then- it stay's home and I go to school with bright-minded Brooks Lee and his ancient (still working) nissan sentra.

A learning experience.