Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An incident--- a while ago now

Fun story:

ON the freeway
Behind a truckload of store goods
A strap is lose
And a large package
Falls and tumbles along the road
I swerve a little to miss it
As it settles between two lanes.

I speed up a bit and wave
The driver that he lost something.
He starts to pull over.

I think---
Maybe tha package back there is still good
It had toilet paper in it.
IfI don't succeed to return it,
We could all use a little more.

So I turn out at the next exit.
And go up, off, around, and down again to find
Where it went.

It was all over the freeway for a hundred yards.
What a sight.


Andra said...

Haha that's too funny. Did that really happen?

Katherine said...

I remember you telling me this story. Very funny. My guess is that since it happened in Utah County, the traffic came to a complete stand still, so that everyone could look at the toilet paper.

Bonnie said...

at least we're not thrifty enough to all jump out and collect free samples after the paper shredder.

Salem said...

This is a true story. I make a little disclaimer after ward for the false/twisted,(but very believable) tales!