Thursday, June 4, 2009

Working on the Navajo Reservation

Yes, it looks like all our family has been there now, and its my turn to call the desolate place "home" for a while.

I will be working there for the summer and in between I will be able to see my brother James who will also be working down there as an EMT. Hoping this is a time for us to be able to connect and understand each other where so much has been left off and unsaid.

Down there- near the 4- corners Area to the west of it for about 100 miles, I will be there to make green things show up and wet down the place for all those thirsty people, animals, and plants.

The water down there is very alkaline and the San Juan river is about as gross as rivers can get. 40% of the Navajo down there have no water what so ever for their once main-stay trade of sheparding. Nearly all of them have entirely abandoned the practice of agriculture, but some how they need to be converted to the idea of some self sufficiency which the governments constant dumping of money, along with beer and sodas has led to a huge deterioration of those critical essentials. They have houses spread all through out the land in the most desolate and barren of places, and some how, they all need water. That is my job--- oh yeah.


Katherine said...

I'm very excited to hear more about how things go. Please, please, please add updates regularly. Because otherwise, how am I going to know?

Andra said...

I agree with Katherine :)

Bonnie said...

I'm going to post here because I don't have the computer read programs that allow me to post on your other site. Thanbks for writing. I may be over the horizin, but ever connected. YOu are a comfort and an unspeakable gift to me, to us all. thank you. I love what you write. Please find a way to tell your friends how you feel because those are the things that change lives. XOX