Monday, December 15, 2008

FINISH LINE for the semester

I made it! I have finished yet another semester of school at UVU! 15 credit hours down... It wasn't so bad except that my Hydrogeology class took up 80% of my time to all the rest. It was full of applied calculus and equations with foreign variables of sorts- and a large field project to do ontop of it all. My field presentation will be presented at Westminister College in February for Undergraduate Research coluqium of applid hydrogeology. I will also be taking the next continued course for it the upcoming semester.

my other classes were:

Worker Safety and first aid
Energy Use on Earth
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Politics


Katherine said...

You don't know how nice it is to have something to read of someone I know!

Wow! Good luck with your presentation at Westminster. What was your field project about?

I hope the finals went well. When you get your grades back?

Oh, and thanks, thanks, thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog. I feel so special now.

Okay, I guess that's enough from your big sis.

Salem said...

YO- Sis, glad to hear from you too!
My presentation is on correlations of heavy metals ions,pH, and temperature between source springs and pools. It was conducted at Warms Springs near Genola.. west of Santaquin, near Goshen.

Finals...I know I did OK on all, and I think I passes my hydrogeology exam- but don't know the grade yet.... can't say when grades show up.

I am so glad I can do a bit of this now.... its is about time I became a blogger myself!

BTW- I really like your blog- its beautiful and clean!

Katherine said...

Your project sounds very smart!

Well, don't forget my other blog...

This is where I write about random things that don't really belong on the family blog, but I think that you'll like it. (And the blog is lonely; no one is following it yet.)

Salem said...

SURE! I am building my own as I go right now... so I will see what can be done !

Salem said...

I actually have a Powerpoint for the whole thing... maybe I could put it up here you think?

Katherine said...

You should totally put some of your powerpoint up, (probably not the whole don't want anyone stealing your ideas!)