Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby baby!- and Christmas shopping

My brother Brooks Lee and I visited my sister Auralee and her new little baby today. he is amazingly strong and healthy looking. So Glad! Auralee was thinking to name him Josiah Sage Briney. She liked the naem Josiah because it was the name of the 8 year old King from tyrannical parents before him, who then came to search for goodness and wisdom and came to find about God. The young King repented and later reformed all of Israel by his wisdom. Sage was meant to refer to"Wise man" and was considered because Auralee felt impressed by an already pre-existing wisdom of inteligence given to this new one.

I then visited Claus jonsson for a while who lives near by Auralee's new place and then Brooks Lee and I later ate a pizza together and finished our Christmas shopping for the while... We might not be done with it all though. WE really buy ourselves half of what WE want for Christmas- and get it indirectly back later because we know it will be shared.

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Katherine said...

Josiah Sage is such a darling baby. I'm sure that he has already changed a ton since I saw him a week ago.

Good luck with Christmas shopping. I'm still not done. Not really sure why not.

Oh, and love the new changes to your blog format. Looks great!