Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Because IT'S SNOWING! First Big snow of the season.

I have done it for spring semester.... If I want to gradute this coming fall, and given my class options, I have to pack for a lot more class time. I will be taking 14 credit hours. I was going to take 18 but I had to make a reality check againts so many other things in like so I cut out a class.

My classes for spring semester at UVU
  • Environmental Hydrogeology (4)
  • Petrology (4)
  • Land Use Planning (3)
  • Environmental Health (3)


Katherine said...

So, you could graduate in just two more semesters!? That would be awesome. Yeah, 18 credits is a lot. I think I did that once (well, pre-med-school. Since med school credits are all weird, and my schedule always said I was registered for 35 credits or something crazy like that.)

You can totally do it. Let me, or Keith, know if you need any help. But, looking at your classes, it's all Greek to me. :)

Katherine said...

Oh, and yeah, love the changes to your blog format. Very nice. Especially about "Ripples welcome." Like it.

Salem said...

Thanks Katherine,

it good to know that you are there for me- in example and help where others simply can't!